Thursday, March 18, 2010

It's March 18th.
April 26th is the last day of classes.

It can't come soon enough.

As if that isn't enough I am planning on having Mini-Geek screened for some things soon. I really hope that it is nothing.

I also bought a new car. It is shiny and blue and had mud all over the side before the odometer hit 100 miles.

And I want to make a new blog because, really, eff this name. I'm more than a mother and I'm not "just another" anything. After a few changes have been made in my life I am regaining my confidence and just overall admitting how entirely awesome I truly am. So if anyone still reads this stay-tuned for a new blog. But not right now, right now I am going to go read some cell bio and in a couple of hours I will sleep for a few hours, work for 10.5 hours, and then head to campus where I will be for 8 hours, although on my break I may go make a Target run since the LP is too ghetto for a Target and all we have is one of the nastiest Walmarts in Western New York, a Bon-Ton attached to a now-closed tiny mall (not even a food court), and lots of bad for you food places and I need a collection of items (cat food, boxes and boxes of pomegranate fruit leather, cat litter, and who knows what else, yes I am trying to obtain crazy cat lady status but I need more cats first).