The Cast

Me:  I'm rapidly approaching 30 at an alarming pace. At least some of my friends are convinced that I must be a robot. I frequently get by on very little sleep, I'm trying to do the whole full-time job while going to school full-time and raising one very, very active and strange 4 year old boy, known here as "Mini-Geek". I am in love with my Kindle 2. I spend entirely too much time on the Internet. I miss sewing and baking and sleeping. I hate Thomas the Tank Engine and sauerkraut. Oh, and my major is computer science.

Mini-Geek:  He is the aforementioned "very, very active and strange 4 year old boy" who likes outer space, playing kitchen, Cars, Thomas the Tank Engine, and making tents/forts in my living room. He tends to not wear pants when we're at home and his underwear are usually on backwards. He would subsist entirely on pizza dipped in ranch dressing and french toast sticks if I allowed him. He wants my Kindle and gets to sleep.

Quick run-down of my family:
Mother and Step Father, live a few minutes away, frequently watch Mini-Geek
Brother, lives with mother and step father and probably always will, only full-blooded sibling I have, nearly 24

Dad, died of cancer 5 years ago, greatly missed, probably wasn't a spy despite the frequency he traveled for work

Step Mother, Dad's widow, had a big hand in raising brother and I

3 Sisters, technically half sisters, they are nearly 18, definitely 19, and 20. 20 year old has a baby on the way in November

1 Step Sister, we get along okay, belongs to step father

Misc friends, will explain as necessary
Object of My Affection:  Pretty self-explanatory, isn't it now? I adore him, Mini-Geek adores him, I'm guessing that he adores us because he keeps coming around; the world is a wonderful place.