Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Cephalopods and the zoo

The other morning I was searching for cuttlefish wallpapers because cuttlefish are pretty much the cutest things ever. I came across a new blog with an entire post on cuttlefish so I am demanding that you go read it and learn exactly the level of awesomeness that these things achieve.

Also because I really like cephalopods in general (which Blogger is telling me is not word) I ordered an octopus necklace the other day. It is absolutely adorable and I am in love.

Today Mini-Geek went to the zoo for the first time since he was a baby. We went with my step mom, siblings, and the, well, we'll call him the object of my affection. I have never seen that child so well-behaved. He was good and quiet and very unlike his usual wild and loud self. Sadly a number of the animals were napping and we didn't get to see them or at least not very well. At one point a little girl was chattering away next to him and my step mom suggested that he talk to her. He said "I don't have anything to talk to her about." A few minutes later he turned to tell her that the polar bear went into the water but she was already gone. He also decided that he did not want to really hold any of my family's hands, just the object of my affection's hand. If he realized that he was holding someone else's hand he would let go and find him instead. My stuffed animal-fearing son also had little interest in most of the stuff in the gift shop. He ended up with a T-Rex mask, which he then wore and roared at my family.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Preparing for the worst, hoping for the best

This picture is a bit old, but I haven't posted very often for quite some time now. Early this year I was shopping online for Mini-Geek's Easter outfit (I told you this picture was from awhile ago, I don't even have that car anymore.) and I was attempting to ask him for his opinion on some clothes. I don't know why I expected a reasonabe opinion from a 4 year old boy who wants to spend his entire life in shorts, hoodies, and skateboarding shoes, but I thought I would try. He promptly proclaimed everything "ugly and disgusting". I tried a new site, still no good. We were on Old Navy's site and freaked when he saw this hat and decided he "needed it". Then we found the glasses, those became a sudden necessity as well. We're seriously talking life or death here. Months later he still wears them at least on occasion, which is pretty impressive for his short attention span.

I'm starting to get nervous. On the 10th of next month we're going to the school for pre-k screening. She said they could do it in the fall if I did not care if I was there or if I wanted to be there or I had any concerns then they could do it over the summer. Well to be totally honest I do have some concerns. I'm not entirely sure that everything is right in Mini-Geek world. In some areas he is ahead on development, he seems like he is a pretty smart kid, and everything looks great. But in some areas I am not so sure. He still can't pedal a bike, he got his first bike over two years ago, he has very frequent meltdowns, he won't even try to draw or paint anything concrete, everything is still scribbles and swirls, and there's just so many little things but when I add them up they worry me. I found this chart. His drawings are still in the 2 year old stage. He is nearly 4 1/2. He just recently started to enjoy coloring, up until last week coloring was a very rare activity for him. There's a ton of other things that are small concerns but when added up have me a bit worried. Maybe it's nothing but it is far better to address these things now rather than have a big problem later. And really, look at that sweet sleeping boy, how could anything be wrong with anything so perfectly beautiful?

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Under Construction

This blog is slowly making a few changes. The header will be different, but what's there is there for now. If things look a bit wonky until I figure out exactly what I want (and who knows when that will be) you have been warned.

Random Mish-Mash

I'm free now, Internets! Just work and Mini-Geek to worry about until August 30th! Then it's back to no sleep and Japanese homework every single school day because apparently they like to do that to us in a class that is already every day. However this upcoming semester should be far better. Some pretty great things have been happening in my personal life, I'm not quite ready to share them with everyone just yet, maybe soon, we'll see.

I took Mini-Geek for Pre-K registration last week. Oh what fun that was. He was wearing a giant wood beaded necklace that we made and a hot pink glittery Barbie bracelet. He threw a bit of a tantrum over only being able to have one piece of chocolate and then another when we got outside and we didn't have time for him to play on the playground. Also when I got to the front of the line I saw him walking up with one of the people watching the kids in the play area, he had to go potty. Fortunately we were able to just jump back to the front when we returned.

I got some lovely Gerbera Daisies in a purple teacup flower pot from Mini-Geek for Mother's Day. Let's hope that I don't kill them because I bought some Gerbera daisies before and I killed them despite the fact that I'm usually pretty decent about not killing plants. Well other than Edward but he deserved to die because I named him Edward because he thought it would be a good idea to sparkle in the sun.

Currently I have a few small plans for the summer, Memorial Day weekend I'm going to the zoo with the family. I would like to take Mini-Geek to the Rochester Museum & Science Center because they have a planetarium and we are currently redoing his room in a space theme (Complete with the Laser Stars Projector, which I sometimes steal after he's asleep). And of course I would like to go camping at the place where I grew up camping on the weekends. I'd also like to sleep rather than staying up for 27 hours, sleeping for 2 or 3 and then being up for another 24 or whatever ridiculousness I pulled all semester long. I love sleep. It's wonderful and we've been reconnecting hardcore lately.