Tuesday, December 14, 2010

If you're remotely curious as to where I have vanished to you should head over here and read the posts for reverb10 that I currently have. I'm incredibly behind since most of my writing time is going towards writing papers right now but come Friday afternoon I'm free.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Go To My Tumblr. Now.

So yeah, I haven't been updating here, in case you haven't noticed.
However, I have been updating my Tumblr.  So go there and read it and follow me if you have one.
Lately I've been blogging a bit about switching phones. I ditched my Droid in favor of a regular phone to simplify my life.
Also I'm sure that I'll have school blogs since I am taking Social History of Women 1875-present, Myth and Ancient Religion, Japanese, Visual Media Poetics, and Digital Humanities. I'm really looking forward to this semester, which starts on Monday!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My Desk and Major Change Time

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In case anyone was ever curious what my horribly ridiculous desk looked like here it is. The Flickr page has some stuff tagged.

Ugh, so my summer class begins next week. I mean it isn't a horrible thing but it is at the same time. Two hours a day, four days a per week, ending the first week in August.

After some careful consideration I am changing my major to Media Study. Once I finish that degree I may go back to Computer Science, but this will I will graduate sooner (my Digital Media credits count for something). Since I need to take at least 3 classes with the department before I can be accepted as a major I am taking one of the open ones left for the summer, Pervasive Gaming. I mean it isn't really want I want to do but the sooner I get into the major the better so that I can take the classes that I need, which are restricted to majors only. I hopefully can do that starting in the spring.

I'm also super-excited, due to Mini-Geek and school and life in general I don't really go very far. I haven't left this little area in years, I haven't left the state in about as much time either. In fact since he was born I went to Pennsylvania (the next state over, big deal) once and Canada once (which to Western New Yorkers really doesn't even count as much of anything if you only go to Niagara Falls). I left Western New York a few times. Object of My Affection has suggested a weekend getaway for he and I. I said either very soon before my summer class gets too involved or sometime in August, maybe early September.

Also, congrats to my baby sister who graduates from high school on Friday, making me feel so old. It doesn't feel like she can be doing that. It doesn't feel like it's been long enough since she was mailing me that child-scrawled book while I was away at school in Maine. She posted her prom pictures on Facebook the other day too. Only one girl in their limo work a solid-colored dress, they were quite the colorful group!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Poor Honey and Good Drugs for Me

So Object of My Affection swears that I'm not bad luck but I am starting to question this. He made TWO hospital trips in a matter of days. First on Friday he found out that he has some old person disease despite being under 30 (Which is totally how I am referring to myself from now on. I mean like forever. I will always be "under 30". I'm not "rapidly approaching 30 anymore, nor will I ever approach 30.). Then Sunday night his air conditioner fell on his head while he was sleeping. Why he was sleeping underneath his air conditioner is a bit beyond my understanding. He's okay though, 3 staples, no concussion, and I am assuming a pretty large headache.

Yesterday was dentist trip number 1, for just some fillings. My dentist is amazing. I am terrified of needles. Like I am talking sometimes I sort of pass out a bit. She wrote me a nice prescription and the world was wonderful and I may or may not have dosed off a tiny bit at work the night before (She said take 2 the night before and 2 an hour before but I took 1 at work on lunch. I think.) and had a crazy dream and woke up and kept dreaming. Then I had to verify if my friend was really really talking about making blue balls awareness bracelets or if I was dreaming it. He really was talking about getting some made up.

Mini-Geek heads to the dentist in about an hour and I'm still in lazy bum shorts (but showered!) and he has no pants on and he isn't wearing the shirt that he currently has on out of the house so I suppose I should get going and remedy all of this.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Dealing with the hard stuff

Today Mini-Geek had his pre-k evaluation. He was amazingly enough an angel while she evaluated him, listening and cooperating and being very unMini-Geeklike. That really wasn't the case when she was talking to me, but hey, we can't have everything. I have praised him like crazy, bought him a book, and took him out for ice cream where he promptly misbehaved. Sigh.

I really don't know if I should cry right now. I don't know if I feel horrible or relieved either. I've had some, well I suppose we'll call them, "concerns" about him. My concerns lead me to Asperger's but I'm not a medical professional and it's one of the big things at the moment so you can't help but think about it. My mother also had concerns and she spends a good amount of time with him. Well today my concerns feel fully justified. The woman doing the screening said he is all over the place with skills, some really high, some really low and he is being referred for further testing. ASAP.

So on one hand, yeah it's great, he can possibly get some help and we can both learn ways to deal with everything and hopefully our home will become more peaceful.
On the other, well, I mean something is possibly not fully right with my baby.

But to be totally honest I wouldn't have him any other way. He's smart, he's funny, he's creative and imaginative, and I absolutely love him. Okay, I would not object to fewer meltdowns. Especially public meltdowns.

So we'll see where things take us, they are mailing out paperwork for me to sign and then I will be bringing him in for more testing in the near future.

Did I mention I am taking a summer class on Mondays and Wednesdays for 4 hours per day? And that I need a bunch of dental work done, some cavities filled and a root canal? And that needles and I do not get along at all? Like I am talking I got blood work down and sat there for nearly an hour after because they wouldn't let me leave because I was turning green and white and couldn't really walk. The only good part of this is that due to my intense fear of needles I am getting some stuff to calm me down a bit before I go to the dentist. I am starting to wonder if I just need a permanent anxiety meds prescription with all of this.

Of course Object of My Affection is absolutely wonderful and sweet and I really don't think I could ask for a better person to have there for me. Although I do feel bad that he is sharing all of this with us.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Beach is Closed for the Season...In June

So yeah, I did not stay off of those blogs. However I took Mini-Geek to the lake this morning and we saw a "pirate ship" and they'll be giving people rides on it soon hopefully and I'm sort of excited and he wants to go. For some very strange reason the beach is still closed "for the season". It's June. It's been unseasonably warm ever since Mother's Day, back when it was horrible because it snowed for Mother's Day and that's pretty crappy. Other than the closed beach we had a lovely time wandering around in the little shops and going out on the newly-opened pier. But yeah, the blogs. How could I want to stay off of them when I find things like this? She just made a super-cute bracelet out of an effing shower curtain ring and some fabric! I mean really, how awesome is that?!

Then I got all bored but too lazy to the leave the computer and do something and too lazy to open up Dreamweaver and Photoshop and do something and too lazy to even play Sims 3 so I took a quiz and it told me so many useful things about myself based upon the colors I really liked and the colors I didn't like. Things like I am currently creative, imaginative, and intellectual, which seems like it'd be far more useful during the school year than the middle of summer when I am on vacation and stuff. I also " have an emotional relation with the environment but really who doesn't right now after the horribleness going on with the oil spill. You'd have to be pretty hardened to not be at least a little bit sad over that.

Ooooh! I also purchased some new cookie cutters today, a shark, a pirate ship, a cute kitty, and a baby. The baby cookie cutter will do double duty, both as a cute treat for my sister's shower and for my friend to eat a baby the safe way.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Fairly Boring, Okay Really Boring

I desperately need to to stay off of these crafting blogs. Browsing them takes up an embarrassingly large amount of time, or at least it did yesterday. But I'm on vacation. Like full-on vacation, vacation. I didn't go anywhere, but no work, no school, and this evening no Mini-Geek even. I tend to get in this mode where I don't want to go anywhere and I just want to sit at home. This evening though I am doing something with The Object of My Affection, I have no clue yet, but we're doing something that involves no Mini-Geek. I suppose I should figure that out. I live in isolated me-land. I don't watch TV, I only started watching stuff on Hulu really in the last year, I never know what movies are even coming out unless I heard someone bring one up. Is a picnic at the lake too lame??

Or I can keep reading these blogs and pregnant sister can hurry up and find out what she's having and I can start making cute girl or boy-themed stuff. She was supposed to find out last week but they had to reschedule.