Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Poor Honey and Good Drugs for Me

So Object of My Affection swears that I'm not bad luck but I am starting to question this. He made TWO hospital trips in a matter of days. First on Friday he found out that he has some old person disease despite being under 30 (Which is totally how I am referring to myself from now on. I mean like forever. I will always be "under 30". I'm not "rapidly approaching 30 anymore, nor will I ever approach 30.). Then Sunday night his air conditioner fell on his head while he was sleeping. Why he was sleeping underneath his air conditioner is a bit beyond my understanding. He's okay though, 3 staples, no concussion, and I am assuming a pretty large headache.

Yesterday was dentist trip number 1, for just some fillings. My dentist is amazing. I am terrified of needles. Like I am talking sometimes I sort of pass out a bit. She wrote me a nice prescription and the world was wonderful and I may or may not have dosed off a tiny bit at work the night before (She said take 2 the night before and 2 an hour before but I took 1 at work on lunch. I think.) and had a crazy dream and woke up and kept dreaming. Then I had to verify if my friend was really really talking about making blue balls awareness bracelets or if I was dreaming it. He really was talking about getting some made up.

Mini-Geek heads to the dentist in about an hour and I'm still in lazy bum shorts (but showered!) and he has no pants on and he isn't wearing the shirt that he currently has on out of the house so I suppose I should get going and remedy all of this.

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