Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My Desk and Major Change Time

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In case anyone was ever curious what my horribly ridiculous desk looked like here it is. The Flickr page has some stuff tagged.

Ugh, so my summer class begins next week. I mean it isn't a horrible thing but it is at the same time. Two hours a day, four days a per week, ending the first week in August.

After some careful consideration I am changing my major to Media Study. Once I finish that degree I may go back to Computer Science, but this will I will graduate sooner (my Digital Media credits count for something). Since I need to take at least 3 classes with the department before I can be accepted as a major I am taking one of the open ones left for the summer, Pervasive Gaming. I mean it isn't really want I want to do but the sooner I get into the major the better so that I can take the classes that I need, which are restricted to majors only. I hopefully can do that starting in the spring.

I'm also super-excited, due to Mini-Geek and school and life in general I don't really go very far. I haven't left this little area in years, I haven't left the state in about as much time either. In fact since he was born I went to Pennsylvania (the next state over, big deal) once and Canada once (which to Western New Yorkers really doesn't even count as much of anything if you only go to Niagara Falls). I left Western New York a few times. Object of My Affection has suggested a weekend getaway for he and I. I said either very soon before my summer class gets too involved or sometime in August, maybe early September.

Also, congrats to my baby sister who graduates from high school on Friday, making me feel so old. It doesn't feel like she can be doing that. It doesn't feel like it's been long enough since she was mailing me that child-scrawled book while I was away at school in Maine. She posted her prom pictures on Facebook the other day too. Only one girl in their limo work a solid-colored dress, they were quite the colorful group!

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