Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Linux or Windows?

I don't often include pictures or video of Mini-Geek. There's a bit of backstory to that actually. I was being a new mom and taking pictures of tiny feet and hands and uploaded them to Flickr. My grandparents, at that time, were spending their entire winter in Florida and I wanted to be able to share pictures with them and the rest of my family. It's far easier to send a link once than to gather up a bunch of attachments all of the time anyways, not that they didn't ever get pictures in emails but they could practically track his daily life at that point.
One day I was checking pictures that people had favorited when I discovered someone favorited a not-that-great picture of his foot. I clicked on the account to discover they had no pictures available and had just favorited a bunch of pictures of baby feet. Well I was rather creeped-out and shortly after that I made his pictures viewable to only friends and family and urged my family to create Flickr accounts if they wanted access. I mean really, baby feet? It's fine to like them but there aren't any other pictures on Flickr that you can favorite? Just 30-some pictures of baby feet?!

However I took this video last night when we ran to the store at bedtime for some diapers because I didn't realized we were out. We occasionally have this "argument" but it has never been caught on video before. He started it by commenting on the Linux fish on the back of my car. And now, without further ado, I present to you "Linux or Windows?"

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I Have Nothing to Say in the Summer

The problem with summer is that my life becomes so incredibly boring that I have nothing to blog about anymore.

For example, the first thing I am going to blog about is the weather. The freaking weather. I despise summer. I do not like heat. Keep it under 70 and I'm content. Once the highs begin getting around 75 I get irritable. On those days it hits 90 or so I am miserable. And so is everyone around me.
Mini-Geek says so much crazy shit I cannot keep up with it all. A few minutes ago he asked for his people. I asked if he was Moses.

Earlier this morning he brought me a "birthday cake", singing and all. When he returned from my step mom's house there was a bag of stuff. It contained his Batman Easter basket and a few other small Easter things. The basket had some evil blue grass in it. Which is now in my livingroom since he got at the bag before I had the chance to hide it.

See, I told you that my life is incredibly boring. It's just sleep, and cook, and laundry, and work, and websites, and Sims 2 since I don't know that I want Sims 3 yet. I've heard mixed reviews and I don't like how the people look. They do look more plasticy. Maybe I'll just wait until it gets cheaper. They always do drop in price after a bit... I mean the jump from 2 to 3 is NOTHING like the jump from the original Sims to Sims 2.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

i cheated

I am using someone else's background.  For now.

Mini-Geek's Room

So today we finally have Mini-Geek's actual dresser and I'm no longer keeping his clothes in my room.  Yay!  My step mom's boyfriend dropped it off since it has been at my step mom's house for quite some time now.

So since his room is clean and nice I took pictures.  I hate my brown carpeting but oh well.  I blurred out his name on the wall, but rest assured that they are very nice letters, hand-painted by my sister.  


Monday, June 1, 2009

Yay mini-vacations and seeing!

I don't work until Friday night!  I took a couple of nights off in addition to my regularly scheduled two nights in the middle of the week (I prefer the middle of the week when school is in session.  And I still have Saturday night off.  Yay four day work weeks!)  I'd like to get something done with this blog.  And I'd obviously like to work on the zillion projects I have.  I actually did work on the one a bit tonight.

I picked up my glasses today.  Seeing better is nice, adjusting is strange.   I've needed glasses in the past, but then I quit needing them, but never full-time before.  

There's an alarm going off somewhere, it's getting rather annoying.  Ooooo maybe someone robbed 7 Eleven!  I'd totally rob the Slurpee machine.  Screw the money, I want unlimited Slurpee's.And some Swedish Fish.  And give me 2 of those Red Bulls while you're at it.  Actually it really does sound like it's coming from that direction.  

I subscribed to The Buffalo News's RSS feed but it's terribly depressing and I may unsubscribe soon.  In the last 24 hours we've had "Father gets 20 years for killing baby daughter", "Ex Boxing Champ Stabbed in Gang Attack", "Randolph Children's Home Probes Riot By Residents",  "Family Friend Arrested for Sexually Assaulting Girl", "Dog Arrested--And So Are Two Humans",  "Man Accused of Sex With Teen Boy", and "Boyfriend With Knife Arrested After Threat".  On a positive note the Tonawanda GM plant was saved, some other boring crap, and everyone is complying nicely with the new border crossing policies.

The alarm stopped.

I desperately want to watch Filth and Wisdom.  Now to download this would technically be wrong.  However, if I cannot find any other way to watch it other than to purchase the DVD shouldn't it be permissible?  In all honesty if I like the movie I will probably buy it.  I mean really, Eugene Hutz is my future husband, he just doesn't know it yet.

I got back into baking bread again!  We had BLTs with veggie "bacon" for dinner tonight on homemade bread.  Amazing.