Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I Have Nothing to Say in the Summer

The problem with summer is that my life becomes so incredibly boring that I have nothing to blog about anymore.

For example, the first thing I am going to blog about is the weather. The freaking weather. I despise summer. I do not like heat. Keep it under 70 and I'm content. Once the highs begin getting around 75 I get irritable. On those days it hits 90 or so I am miserable. And so is everyone around me.
Mini-Geek says so much crazy shit I cannot keep up with it all. A few minutes ago he asked for his people. I asked if he was Moses.

Earlier this morning he brought me a "birthday cake", singing and all. When he returned from my step mom's house there was a bag of stuff. It contained his Batman Easter basket and a few other small Easter things. The basket had some evil blue grass in it. Which is now in my livingroom since he got at the bag before I had the chance to hide it.

See, I told you that my life is incredibly boring. It's just sleep, and cook, and laundry, and work, and websites, and Sims 2 since I don't know that I want Sims 3 yet. I've heard mixed reviews and I don't like how the people look. They do look more plasticy. Maybe I'll just wait until it gets cheaper. They always do drop in price after a bit... I mean the jump from 2 to 3 is NOTHING like the jump from the original Sims to Sims 2.


  1. My wife will tell you that Sims 3 is the shit and she would encourage you to get it...hehehe...it is pretty good, actually...

  2. My mother seems to enjoy it, my son watches her play. Of course he wanted to make "Mommy" and "Daddy", we are both as fat as possible (neither of us are obese) and I am wearing a baseball hat (I never wear hats) and "Daddy" has long hair and a top hat, neither of which are normal.