Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Mini-Geek is bordering on obsessed with space. I decided to do some research and see if there's a planetarium around here. I remember one coming to my school when I was younger, with a giant inflatable dome that they put on the stage and projected the sky inside. I found one in Buffalo. However the site hurt my eyes too much to look for hours and whatnot. So I decided that I'd be willing to drive and searched Rochester. I found the Rochester Museum & Science Center, which looks quite exciting and lists hours! So at some point in the nearish future we will be making a trip up there.

Up comes out this weekend and I'm considering taking him to the drive-in to see it. He's been obsessed with the tiny preview at the beginning of his other Pixar movies and always has to watch it before we can skip to the menu.

The potty-training is moving along. He is not really pooing in there but peeing is going quite well and I'm pleased with that at least. I told him that it makes me happy when he uses the potty and I'm not very happy when he doesn't, exploiting his desire to please.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sleep is a great thing until it gets in the way of life

I'm always exhausted now.  It's like school let out and I just died.  I'm asleep by 8 on all of my nights off, even Tuesday nights when I had off the night before and slept nearly 12 hours.  Sometimes a phone call will wake me so I am up for a bit in the middle of that but if no one is talking to me I pass right out.  I think my body is recovering from the school year.  I mean it hasn't been that long yet.  I also am quitting the excessive amount of energy drinks I was consuming while classes were in session.  It was disgusting how many I was drinking to get through life.  I had one yesterday, which probably just reset everything my body has been fighting.  Hopefully within the next week or two I'll return to normal again.  

On to the potty training front lines...

GeekDad had a post up today with a toilet seat that Mini-Geek saw.  It was a Marvel seat and he became very excited over the idea of sitting on Spiderman and The Hulk.  I don't call him Mini-Geek for nothing.  He just one day developed a love of Spiderman out of nowhere and this has extended into other Marvel characters and lately he has been branching into DC as well.  He told me that he'd use the potty if he I bought that seat and I'm always looking for new encouragement.  The last day or two telling him that when he doesn't pee in his diaper or pull-up and instead pees on the potty I am very happy has worked somewhat.  Evil Mart carries just Spiderman seats apparently so we purchased one and he has been more than happy to use it the last couple of hours and wants to take it to my mom's tonight...I am hoping so incredibly much that this is putting the end to diapers.

We have also made our foray into the exciting world of Legos.  They are all that he plays with now.  A big set has been promised once we are an underwear-only household.  I don't mean one of the insane $100+ sets, the biggest one he has I think cost $20 or $30.  

I've been on the Wii Fit every day for the past five days!  So has Mini-Geek actually, he enjoys pointing out his Mii whenever he shows up when I am doing something.
I have not played any other games yet, although I've been itching to get back onto Mushroom Men.  I have a ton of movies I need to watch.  I don't want a TV in my room but I am thinking of lugging one in mine to at least start movies when I go to bed so I can get some of these watched.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


I am finished with that place! No more school there at least!

Also if you like bizarre twitter accounts follow my friend, @AchooEric. He has been counting his sneezes for years and I suggested that he started tweeting them and he finally did. Hell, follow me if you want too, @kimmp.

Thanks to my mom's idea Mini-Geek is now in the pull-ups that go cold when the poor child pees in them. I made a somewhat big deal about this so now he's scared to pee in them. I vaguely remembered hearing about them when he was a baby. They weirded me out. I am now the desperate parent of a 3 1/2 year old.

Tomorrow he shall be spoiled. He usually sees his grandma weekly but they just returned from Disney World and therefore have not seen him in nearly two weeks. So I know she's going through withdrawal or something and they spent a ton of money on him in Florida and Thomas the Train is in town so she's taking him there. I'm not sure that even want to deal with him after that.

I am also watching him for red dye sensitives. I wonder a bit but I am not sure.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wrapping it up

Just one final and one discussion post remaining. I think the final is now up although it's supposed to be tomorrow in Angel, the SUNY online deal that sucks more than a Dyson. The post is due at midnight.

As of right now I have four different sites to work on this summer with the promise of more. So it's like I am not even on summer break!

I need to call the student loan companies and get things straightened out. They're crazy if they think I am paying them $250-$300 per month this summer. I am attending school this fall. They're just confused because I am about to graduate and procrastinated on applying.

Mini-Geek had a little girl beg for a hug before we left, today was his last day at the child development center, she kissed him too.

I have started the super-thorough cleaning. The bathroom has been scrubbed, ceiling and walls even, and the living room is in progress.

I re-installed Sims 2.

I bought a new chair for at my desk.

And in a few days I will have a degree. Granted it is only an A.S. but it's something. Four years, three majors, and a major gap in the middle is all it took. The first two were nothing like now, marine biology and biology going for pre-vet. I almost switched to psych once too.

Life isn't too awful. It needs angel food cake I think. With strawberries and whipped cream. Which isn't that bad when it comes to fat content. It's okay, right? Did I mention my diet yet? And the Wii Fit time that will resume soon?

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I am done with my portfolio. Well, done enough to turn it in and receive a decent grade. Just a few finals, a programming project, a bunch of discussion posts, and making a small store-like set-up left to do.

Do you have any clue how happy this makes me!? My biggest stress is out of the way! My ActionScript works! My JavaScript works! My HTML validates! My images all show up!

This weekend I will be doing A LOT of cleaning. I've really let the cleaning go the past week or two. I cannot deny this.

I will also be rearranging and setting myself up into a more office-like setting as I begin my freelance career and prepare for another two years or so of school...only now as a computer science major. I'm in debate if I want to turn the dining room into my office (I have a table in the kitchen) or section off a large part of my living room. The dining room has no windows. :( Currently it contains my bike and sewing machine stuff, as well as an old CRT monitor and recently-worn shoes. I am thinking I may just move the TV and couch and stuff down and my desk over by the windows to create my "office". And maybe buy a ginormous bean bag chair for homework purposes since they're like $45 at Evil Mart. And a file cabinet. And a second video card and monitor.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Mini-Geek's Favorite Songs

So now he's developing his own musical likes. He has chosen two favorite songs. The first was Jonathan Coulton's "RE: Your Brains". He likes to sing the chorus, particularly the part about not eating eyes because this cracks him up. The other day I was listening to Ani DiFranco in the car and "The Whole Night" came on. He started freaking out and insisting that it was his song and we had to listen to it the entire way home.

I think this qualifies me for some sort of Worse Parent of the Year Award or something, my three year old's favorite songs are about zombies and girl sex.