Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I am done with my portfolio. Well, done enough to turn it in and receive a decent grade. Just a few finals, a programming project, a bunch of discussion posts, and making a small store-like set-up left to do.

Do you have any clue how happy this makes me!? My biggest stress is out of the way! My ActionScript works! My JavaScript works! My HTML validates! My images all show up!

This weekend I will be doing A LOT of cleaning. I've really let the cleaning go the past week or two. I cannot deny this.

I will also be rearranging and setting myself up into a more office-like setting as I begin my freelance career and prepare for another two years or so of school...only now as a computer science major. I'm in debate if I want to turn the dining room into my office (I have a table in the kitchen) or section off a large part of my living room. The dining room has no windows. :( Currently it contains my bike and sewing machine stuff, as well as an old CRT monitor and recently-worn shoes. I am thinking I may just move the TV and couch and stuff down and my desk over by the windows to create my "office". And maybe buy a ginormous bean bag chair for homework purposes since they're like $45 at Evil Mart. And a file cabinet. And a second video card and monitor.

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  1. There is nothing quite as satisfying as properly working code.