Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Mini-Geek is bordering on obsessed with space. I decided to do some research and see if there's a planetarium around here. I remember one coming to my school when I was younger, with a giant inflatable dome that they put on the stage and projected the sky inside. I found one in Buffalo. However the site hurt my eyes too much to look for hours and whatnot. So I decided that I'd be willing to drive and searched Rochester. I found the Rochester Museum & Science Center, which looks quite exciting and lists hours! So at some point in the nearish future we will be making a trip up there.

Up comes out this weekend and I'm considering taking him to the drive-in to see it. He's been obsessed with the tiny preview at the beginning of his other Pixar movies and always has to watch it before we can skip to the menu.

The potty-training is moving along. He is not really pooing in there but peeing is going quite well and I'm pleased with that at least. I told him that it makes me happy when he uses the potty and I'm not very happy when he doesn't, exploiting his desire to please.

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