Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wrapping it up

Just one final and one discussion post remaining. I think the final is now up although it's supposed to be tomorrow in Angel, the SUNY online deal that sucks more than a Dyson. The post is due at midnight.

As of right now I have four different sites to work on this summer with the promise of more. So it's like I am not even on summer break!

I need to call the student loan companies and get things straightened out. They're crazy if they think I am paying them $250-$300 per month this summer. I am attending school this fall. They're just confused because I am about to graduate and procrastinated on applying.

Mini-Geek had a little girl beg for a hug before we left, today was his last day at the child development center, she kissed him too.

I have started the super-thorough cleaning. The bathroom has been scrubbed, ceiling and walls even, and the living room is in progress.

I re-installed Sims 2.

I bought a new chair for at my desk.

And in a few days I will have a degree. Granted it is only an A.S. but it's something. Four years, three majors, and a major gap in the middle is all it took. The first two were nothing like now, marine biology and biology going for pre-vet. I almost switched to psych once too.

Life isn't too awful. It needs angel food cake I think. With strawberries and whipped cream. Which isn't that bad when it comes to fat content. It's okay, right? Did I mention my diet yet? And the Wii Fit time that will resume soon?


  1. A little strawberry shortcake fixes a lot of things.

  2. I fully agree with that statement.