Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Linux or Windows?

I don't often include pictures or video of Mini-Geek. There's a bit of backstory to that actually. I was being a new mom and taking pictures of tiny feet and hands and uploaded them to Flickr. My grandparents, at that time, were spending their entire winter in Florida and I wanted to be able to share pictures with them and the rest of my family. It's far easier to send a link once than to gather up a bunch of attachments all of the time anyways, not that they didn't ever get pictures in emails but they could practically track his daily life at that point.
One day I was checking pictures that people had favorited when I discovered someone favorited a not-that-great picture of his foot. I clicked on the account to discover they had no pictures available and had just favorited a bunch of pictures of baby feet. Well I was rather creeped-out and shortly after that I made his pictures viewable to only friends and family and urged my family to create Flickr accounts if they wanted access. I mean really, baby feet? It's fine to like them but there aren't any other pictures on Flickr that you can favorite? Just 30-some pictures of baby feet?!

However I took this video last night when we ran to the store at bedtime for some diapers because I didn't realized we were out. We occasionally have this "argument" but it has never been caught on video before. He started it by commenting on the Linux fish on the back of my car. And now, without further ado, I present to you "Linux or Windows?"


  1. I'm gonna have to side with the kid.


  2. @badass geek - boy you sound like neither a badass nor a geek. Not smart enough to leave your gui?