Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Warning: Children can cause serious injury.

I'm supposed to be getting up for work right around now.
But I'm here, blogging because I called in tonight.
I'm not one to normally call in but I could not sleep because I am in pain and my only defense is some lame 600mg ibuprofen, which may have to change tomorrow.

This pain was caused by the one and only Evil Mini-Geek.
After lunch he dragged every single blanket he could find into the living room, including my heavy satin comforter and my nice warm and snuggly and quite heavy microfiber one. But he was entertained so I let it be and then he wanted me to come join.

We were playing around, he's obsessed with the furniture being a boat. The blankets were part of the water. We had to go in the water. Okay, fine, I can handle this, everything is just super-de-duper. Then he had to try and drown me or something because he covered me in blankets (I despise having my head under blankets, it seriously freaks me out a little.). He must have them immediately crawled up on the couch, while I was on all fours under some blankets, and from there he proceed to leap onto my unsupported back.

It knocked the wind right out of me and then the pain started.
I ended up calling my doctor's when they opened at 1 and they had me in at 2. They found trace amounts of blood in my urine and are sending to the lab, it's looking like he injured my left kidney. They took x-rays to check out my ribs and spine as well, she said it's quite possible he cracked one of my ribs too.


I tried to lie down but it was hurting like hell when I did, after some Internet research I am coming to the conclusion that he definitely did something to my kidney.

In other news, I turned on my camera yesterday to try and get a picture for my school ID so that I could upload it and discovered that it refuses to focus on anything anymore so I ordered a new one online. I tend to obsessively track things so I have that a random shirt from shirt.woot on the way. I love random shirt day.

Mini-Geek is proving to be stranger and stranger by the way. He wanted to lick my brother's hair "because it's different." Also, out of nowhere, he tells me yesterday that he wants to talk to transformers on the computer. Double you tee eff.
His adoration of all things science-related is growing, we have been talking about bees a lot lately. He picked out a solar system puzzle the other day too. I picked up an old globe for $3 and his geographer is coming out, he is constantly asking me what countries he is pointing to. A child's thirst for knowledge just amazes me, they absorb everything. He repeats some of this stuff to other people in his young attempts at conversation and the entire process is really something to watch.

If you follow me on twitter you can see the occasional stream of updates on super-weird stuff that Mini-Geek tends to say.


  1. Yikes. I've got some Vicodin, if you want.

    Hope you feel better soon.

  2. Thanks, they gave me some Flexeril which wasn't too bad.

  3. Wow, note to self: Stay out of the water!! Hahahaha!