Monday, July 20, 2009

Produce, guts, and caulking

I have been looking up local produce. The place where I used to live had a stand right around the corner that carried a huge variety of fresh-picked fruits and vegetables but now the area I am in is a bit less rural and I don't have that convenience. So in my search for local food I found this site. They drop off food either weekly or biweekly on Saturdays right to your door, leaving it in a cooler in a pre-determined spot if you aren't home. They offer meals too, so you don't have to worry about that either. I am fascinated and may have to try them out sometime soon.

Mini-Geek has been his usual self. Lately I have been enduring countless questions about what is inside of bodies. His lovely children's book on the human body, complete with transparent people-shapes with a new system on every page apparently is not good enough. (I may have been encouraging some nerdiness when I purchased it (it was on sale!) for a 2 year old. Remember, biology was a part of my previous two college majors.) We had to Google image search what exactly it looks like inside of a human leg the other day.

My shower kept leaking into the guy below me's apartment. It was all tile, maintenance caulked it up (hehe) but a couple of days later I saw my neighbor's son who said it was back. They ended up putting a surround in and hopefully everything is fine. Mini-Geek was riveted by this entire event and I had to hold him to keep him out of the way.

I had the most bizarre dream the other night about someone I have not seen in years and haven't even thought about in forever. It was rather strange and came out of nowhere.

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