Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Fairly Boring, Okay Really Boring

I desperately need to to stay off of these crafting blogs. Browsing them takes up an embarrassingly large amount of time, or at least it did yesterday. But I'm on vacation. Like full-on vacation, vacation. I didn't go anywhere, but no work, no school, and this evening no Mini-Geek even. I tend to get in this mode where I don't want to go anywhere and I just want to sit at home. This evening though I am doing something with The Object of My Affection, I have no clue yet, but we're doing something that involves no Mini-Geek. I suppose I should figure that out. I live in isolated me-land. I don't watch TV, I only started watching stuff on Hulu really in the last year, I never know what movies are even coming out unless I heard someone bring one up. Is a picnic at the lake too lame??

Or I can keep reading these blogs and pregnant sister can hurry up and find out what she's having and I can start making cute girl or boy-themed stuff. She was supposed to find out last week but they had to reschedule.

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