Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Beach is Closed for the Season...In June

So yeah, I did not stay off of those blogs. However I took Mini-Geek to the lake this morning and we saw a "pirate ship" and they'll be giving people rides on it soon hopefully and I'm sort of excited and he wants to go. For some very strange reason the beach is still closed "for the season". It's June. It's been unseasonably warm ever since Mother's Day, back when it was horrible because it snowed for Mother's Day and that's pretty crappy. Other than the closed beach we had a lovely time wandering around in the little shops and going out on the newly-opened pier. But yeah, the blogs. How could I want to stay off of them when I find things like this? She just made a super-cute bracelet out of an effing shower curtain ring and some fabric! I mean really, how awesome is that?!

Then I got all bored but too lazy to the leave the computer and do something and too lazy to open up Dreamweaver and Photoshop and do something and too lazy to even play Sims 3 so I took a quiz and it told me so many useful things about myself based upon the colors I really liked and the colors I didn't like. Things like I am currently creative, imaginative, and intellectual, which seems like it'd be far more useful during the school year than the middle of summer when I am on vacation and stuff. I also " have an emotional relation with the environment but really who doesn't right now after the horribleness going on with the oil spill. You'd have to be pretty hardened to not be at least a little bit sad over that.

Ooooh! I also purchased some new cookie cutters today, a shark, a pirate ship, a cute kitty, and a baby. The baby cookie cutter will do double duty, both as a cute treat for my sister's shower and for my friend to eat a baby the safe way.

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