Sunday, August 30, 2009


So I love plants. In fact I have several more than you will even see in this post. Eight more to be exact, although in all fairness I am giving a couple away, they are ones that I have rooted for a friend who has a bad habit of killing plants so spending money on them seems wasteful. However she's kept her palm tree alive all summer so I am shocked and impressed. If I remember to take her her plants next time that I see her I will have at least two for her.This is my China Doll plant, which I think is one of the most beautiful plants I own. Well, except when it's going through an awkward phase like it is right now. I turned it but the
growth is still fairly one-sided. Apparently these can grow into good-sized trees if you plant them in your yard.

Next up is a picture of a good portion of my plants. I have some herbs, a pathetic strawberry plant, a prayer plant clipping I took from my mom, some China Doll clippings that are rooting, a ficus clipping off of my bonsai, a hoya, African Violets (with no flowers, just buds right now), and an avocado seed that will soon be ready to plant.

Now I present to you Edward, my Cape Sundew. He does not have much goo right now, but a new flower stalk is starting to grow, you can see it all curled up. Also my camera randomly decided to put the time and date stamp on. The very top of his pot has just perilite, which has turned colors from the stuff he's in. (They don't like regular potting soil.)

He attracts cat hair as well since Belle has taken up hanging out around the plants, but the only plant she still eats in my spider plant, which is now hanging in my kitchen.

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