Saturday, August 22, 2009

More job stuff and orientation

So I haven't heard anything on that other job...which is sort of depressing but they might just be dragging their fight.
However, I do have an interview on Friday someplace else. I occasionally check out the postings on craiglist, but I'm looking at Buffalo's and let's face it, Buffalo's job market is not all that super when the economy is doing well. But I saw this one the other day and I figured why not and now I have an interview.

Orientation was, as predicted, boring. I was falling asleep after the first 2 hours of being talked at, I worked all night before that, so I decided to skip the next being talked at thing and put my money on my card and go buy my books now. Super-cheap this year, I bought a new bag, a few school supplies, and a hoodie for Mini-Geek too and still spent slightly under $300. I forgot to ask them about the lab fee for Evolutionary Bio though so I have another $30 to go still. I bought Mini-Geek the hoodie because he's very sad that he isn't going to school with me this year. The last 2 years he went to the child development center at the community college I was going to. Now I've moved on and although they have a daycare there are no grants here and the site makes it seem like space is sort of limited so I decided to leave him with family. The child development center was a small place and the school was all in one building so I was right there, UB is nothing like that at all so I feel more comfortable this way. And they are just a day care, I don't know how much they work with the children like they did at NCCC.

But yeah, the total nerd side of me can't wait to get back to school. The adult with responsibilities part is wishing for more time because once school starts I won't have any.

I have a new issue with Mini-Geek. He has decided to begin shouting "Look at this! Look at my *insert body part here*!" which is great until it becomes a body part that is less than appropriate. We've had several talks about things that are and aren't appropriate and bad touches and alone time and blah, blah, blah. I'm not sure how to make him get it. We were at my friends and he so kindly was pulling it out of his diaper and letting it hang. Of course with 2 little brothers she has seen it before but I put pants back on him and quickly after that and when we got home we had another nice talk.

Yeah, the potty training isn't going that great by the way.


  1. Oh Kim, you've got your hands full... incidentally, using the "Hey look, look at my *insert body part*!" is what won my wife over...hahahahaha!

  2. Hey now, I'm not quite ready for him to meet his wife! He needs to wait a few years before using that line.