Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A number of not-so-great things have been happening lately and they've sort of occupied my mind a bit, decreasing my blogging and whatnot.

But things will be better soon. I know this.

On a lighter note school starts in a few weeks and I would be lying if I said I wasn't excited. Yeah, go ahead and say it, "Nerd." There's just something about new notebooks and textbooks, or the carelessly tossed around ones with yellow "USED" stickers that make me snicker as I get this urge to stick them on people.

On Sunday I was stuck in the Worst Storm Ever. I met Joey's grandma so that she could play with him for a bit and I decided to stop and get some Panera and then get some sleep since I had to work that night and I went in the night before until 2 am for some Continuity of Business testing. Well a few minutes after I left from our meeting place it began to rain. Pour isn't even the word for it once it got started, I had my wipers on full blast and I could not see. I arrived at Panera to find the parking lot flooded. I never see that lot flooded, in spots it was to the bottom of cars. I became very thankful that they just fixed my parking lot's drainage issues a few months ago because the slightest rain could cause those conditions, this probably would have had water pouring into the basement apartments' windows. I wanted to take a picture of the lot, particularly the Mini Cooper, but it was still raining and my phone isn't a big fan of rain.

The awful weather continued the rest of the day, I went into work at 10 that night and watched the non-stop lightning on my drive. Apparently there were several tornadoes throughout the Southern Tier (the southern part of Western New York for you non-WNYers).

For years I've been wanting a carnivorous plant. As I previously mentioned, I picked up a Cape Sundew on eBay for $10 a couple of weeks ago. Since these plants tend to produce a "goo" that sparkles in the sun. I came to the conclusion that the only reasonable name for such a plant would be Edward. Not to say that I am a Twilight fan, but it amuses me nonetheless. I have actually neither seen the movie nor read the book and I probably never will. Give me old school vampires, not this fluffy nonsense! The shipping stressed dear Edward a bit and he quit producing goo for awhile, but he is acclimating well to his new home and has began to make this goo again.


  1. You'll be posting pictures of this plant, right? Maybe a video of it in action?

    That would be awesome.

  2. I will be, I am waiting for him to finish readjusting himself. Wow, that sounded way worse than I thought.

    There really isn't much to watch, the leaves act like fly paper and small bugs get stuck, they apparently will catch a regular sized fly on occasion and the leaf will curl slowly around it but I haven't seen that happen. He's only managed to get some fungus gnats that I am trying to get rid of.

    I am considering seeing if my local nursery has any other carnivorous plants available and may take a trip today though!