Friday, August 28, 2009

I hereby declare this the worst summer ever

Today certainly felt like summer is ending, what a way to start my weekend before classes start. I mean it really is coming to a close, it was only a few years ago that roughly 6 weeks from now we had that wonderful October snow storm., a night that remains clearly etched in my brain. Having a snow day off from work after being up until like 3 am talking is never a bad thing. Today was quite cool, I shut some windows for the first time in awhile due to cold. The last few nights on breaks at work have required a hoodie. I don't think I have seen the sun other than this morning.

This summer has been the most awful that I can remember. I haven't been happy for most of it, there has constantly been something pretty rough looming if not happening. Many of these events are deeply personal and since many people I know in real life can easily get to this blog I am not willing to share them here. I'm rather glad to see it come to a close to be entirely honest. Of course my nerd side can't wait to be back in school.

I bought a new monitor today. I just went from a 19" to a 22". I'm going to hook both of them up, but I am super-lazy today. My 19" monitor used to look big. I also got a new video card, I just had the onboard one and Sims look so much prettier with a better card. Not that I'll be playing much now. Actually I went through like a 2 week phase where I played earlier in the summer and I haven't touched it since.

I've been keeping up with working out and whatnot. I lost 6 pounds this week! If I could pull that off every week I'd be done losing weight in a matter of weeks, but I'm realistic. I also managed to pull a Wii Fit age of 20 today, those days always make me happy.

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