Monday, August 24, 2009

I am making a huge commitment to myself

This commitment I am making starts now.
It's okay to have unread things in Google Reader.
It's even okay to unsubscribe from things that I don't usually read or enjoy reading. I can unsubscribe from the SharePoint stuff since I am not working on the site at work really, it's okay. I will save that tiny bit of time that I spent clicking mark all as read or scrolling down.
I will make it a point to exercise as much as possible. I realize that not every day may be possible, I lead a busy life, especially once classes start, which is only a week away now.
I will bust my ass this semester and surprise even myself with my grades. Or at least do very well with a tough professor.
I will make it a point to try and eat better, I know with my life it isn't always easy but I can try. We don't eat too badly now but I tend to indulge too often.
I will try and meditate every day.
I will be calmer.
I will assess situations and remain more rational before reacting. I will think first.
I will try and have more creative time for Joey, we haven't really been doing many projects lately.

I will fix everything that is broken right now and make it right again.

My sister scared the crap out of everyone last night. I went on last break at 5:30 this morning and I saw my step mom had updated her status about 15 minutes before that to say she was still up. I assumed my baby sister hurt herself and it was a night in the ER or something because she tends to do that regularly and it has been awhile again. She text me before break was over saying it was important and she needed to talk to me. I told my friends to let them know there was a family emergency and I'd be a few minutes late.
She apparently never came home after getting out of work at 11:30 last night. There were numerous texts and phone calls which went ignored. They called her employer to confirm she left, she did, her car was gone. They called the police who said there were no accident reported and drove down the road to check. Nothing there either.
Since she's 19 nothing further could be done until she didn't show up for work.
She arrived home around 7 this morning, she left her phone to charge in her car and stopped at a friend's where she fell asleep.
I can only imagine what she walked into after my step mom had been up all night. I am certain she was livid.

I mean really, in that situation I don't know if I would want to hug or hit my own child. Honestly that has to be what is going through one's mind at that moment, relief that they are safe but anger at their inconsiderateness.

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  1. Sometimes the technology helps us and sometimes it just freaks us the heck out. Before cell phones, who cares if you don't hear from someone in a couple days? But now, if someone's not "on the grid" it creates potential for conflict and drama.

    And what's this SharePoint stuff you're dropping? I didn't know you did that... I'm a former MS SharePoint MVP so if you ever need any help, let me know and I'll see what I can do. But then again, if you're dropping it...