Sunday, August 16, 2009

New job soon? I can hope!

I saw the perfect job posting up on craigslist for me the other day, not a bunch of experience, not a Bachelors since I'm still only working on that yet, and in my field. It had been posting a day earlier. I bookmarked it and said I'd get to work on a cover letter after Mini-Geek headed to bed. It was gone from the main page and although my bookmark still worked the email did not. I felt a bit dejected, especially since my horoscope had oddly enough discussed this great job opportunity and although I don't really follow them since they are so general, I occassionally read them for amusement.

Also I Internet-know a psychic and had spoken to her recently about the dark cloud that keeps ominously hovering over me in life, The Thing I previously mentioned in my last post, and thought I'd bring up career stuff. I don't hate my job, but it's far too easy and I'm sick of third shift and it just is enough to put a person to sleep. She mentioned a new job at the end of this month/beginning of next. I can only hope she's right. She's said some pretty detailed things about my friend's ex when she spoke with her and she knew nothing about my friend.

Then the other morning I was dozing on and off on the couch and my phone rings. It's a good friend of mine but we typically talk at work, on AIM, and in texts. I thought that was a bit strange, he wanted to know if I was still interested in a possible job where his friend works doing exactly what I want to do right now. Yes yes yes yes yes! A million times yes! I had just spoken with him not that long ago about it and he said that by the sounds of things they didn't want anyone else.

So I'm keeping my fingers crossed tightly that all of this works out for the best, the job and The Thing.

Last week was also been depressingly hot. I've had no desire to do much of anything and really I've had more chances to sleep and less chances to be at home. This heat needs to break so I can accomplish something.

This week won't be fun, I'm chaning my work schedule around. We were able to go down to 4 days and still maintain hours nearly a year ago. With my life I need at least 2 of those days off in a row. Our department works every night except Saturdays. Previously I had Monday, Tuesday, and Saturday off. Well now I have Evolutionary Biology at 7:30 am on Mondays and Wednesdays once classes start and I sleep normal on my nights off so getting up super-early to get Mini-Geek off and all didn't seem fun. They don't want to add people to Mondays since the work loads are low. This left me with Monday, Friday, and Saturday. Obviously there is a fight to get Fridays off amongst those who do not have children and want social/drinking lives. Many of those people left to work on the new project that is only just barely starting to run on 3rd shift. So I asked for Fridays and thankfully I was rewarded with them. Now I haven't had 2 days off in a row since Monday and Tuesday and won't get them until Friday and Saturday and I have school orientation Friday from 9 am until 4 pm. I'm going to try and sneak out early. I know how college works by now. I went for 2 years out of high school for some completely unrelated stuff, and I just spent 2 years going to school. Give me my ID, let me buy books since I'm there, and let me go home.

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