Thursday, November 19, 2009

My thoughts on the Droid so far

I have a Droid for about two weeks now and if you're wondering what the hell a Droid is then get out from under your rock for a bit.

Yes, I lost another BlackBerry Storm. This time my brother's line was up for renewal, mine is soon, I struck a deal with him though. Also since the Storm 2 is out now the stores quit carrying any replacements for the old Storm. I said eff this, it was new phone time.

The apps, sure it's nothing quite like that other phone has, but oh my goodness there are so many more apps than the BlackBerry App World had. And they are cheaper if they cost anything at all! I have tons of apps to entertain Mini-Geek in case of emergency even! And ones to teach him things. I found one kids' app in the BB store and it wasn't free. I have soundboards, I have swimming fish, a virtual panda, super-fun games, Google Sky, a magic 8 ball, xkcd delivered right to my phone, lolcats right on my phone too, and more!

Also there's far more memory to put these apps, which means I can take full advantage of the plethora of free ones!

And it doesn't get all laggy like my Storm used to get. It hardly ever freezes up and if it does it's just for a split second. Anyone who has ever touched a Storm knows that the lagging on the Storm is just painful.

However the keyboards are not that great. I liked my Storm's keyboards, that is when I could see what I was typing and my phone wasn't frozen. I liked the portrait view, I liked the BlackBerry keyboard done in touchscreen, I never complained about the SurePress or whatever, it wasn't that awful. However, as I am sure you have heard, the hardware keyboard is not the greatest thing, but I'm adjusting. My Storm keyboard's had their adjustment period. Also the touchscreen keyboards are ehhh, the one in landscape is just awkward when texting, it takes up most of the phone and doesn't really offer spellcheck. The portrait view keyboard has the world's smallest keys but the suggestions are super-helpful so everything seems to balance out.

So yeah, I am definitely digging the phone. I know I said nothing that hasn't been said somewhere but get over it.


  1. I would love a Droid, but I just got the LG Versa this summer.

  2. Do you like the Versa? I'm thinking it didn't do that well, the stores don't even sell them anymore.

  3. Wonderful writing Style. I like your thoughts