Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Briefly coming out of hiding

So if anyone ever says hey, it's a great idea to take 17 credits, work full-time, running a household, and raise a child on your own they are full of shit, ignore them. Run away because they are probably crazy.
Taking a lot of credits at a decent school is far different than taking a lot of credits at a community college. First of all I have recitations and then add that to the slightly more homework, well at least more learning on your own, and that just makes for way more work. One more exam left from midterm-time, that's Friday night. Yes, an exam on Friday night, I apologize if I've bitched about these stupid Friday night tests before but they are downright ridiculous. I mean really, I realize we're done by 7 but way to start off the night on a shitty note. And anyways, don't they encourage more drinking as people walk out of there happy to be done with the stupid test but wondering what they got and knowing they did shitty because nearly everyone does awful on their bio test. And since this is only a 200-level course most of the people in there are underage.

I've decided I desperately want a pet octopus. For bio we're doing a presentation (for extra credit--yay!) on the evolution of an octopus eye vs. the evolution of a human eye. We're in a group of 4 and my work is to research the evolution of the octopus eye which has read to reading up on the organism and oh my gosh I did not know that they were so smart and have little personalities and everything! Once an animal has a personality I want it. My mom won't get me one for Christmas. :(

One of the wonderful things about school is the educational discounts on things, I can purchase Windows 7 for $30. My mom's birthday is today so I was considering buying it for her and looking like this great daughter and only spending $30. Thoughts?

My step dad purchased Mini-Geek a Visible Man. What I imagine most of you don't know about these things is that every piece needs painted and put together. I apparently don't have enough to do, I mean I only have/had 2 tests and a quiz this week and 2 quizzes and 2 tests last week and an apartment that needs a good cleaning, and pumpkins that need carving, and sleep that needs catching up on, and so much more. I spent Monday night painting and assembling rather than studying for the quiz on Kingdom Plantae, specifically the coniferous life cycle, that I had at 9:30 am Tuesday. I hope that I still did well.

Speaking of the little creature, Mini-Geek is going to be a ninja for Halloween, I think it's because he wants to carry around a sword honestly.

Oh and awesomeness--Monday my bio professor was out sick. With swine flu. On the day we talked about viruses. (He had someone fill-in for him.)

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