Friday, January 1, 2010

Step Three: Eat Better

My diet sometimes contains some crap, especially during the school year. I am constantly grabbing this and that out of the vending machine or a slice of pizza on the way to class. I try to make it better things out of the machine, I don't eat chips, they're awful things. I look for granola bars and whatnot. This needs to end. Or rather not continue once the semester starts back up.

I've considered going vegetarian again, but I am not sure yet. I really don't eat much meat and I rarely, if ever, eat red meat.

I eat too much bread, I already know that.

Since break started I've been eating a bit better. I'd like to do even more of our shopping at the little local place, assuring that I buy less frozen food and more fruits and vegetables. I go there some but I'd like to go back to doing most of my shopping there again.

As for the exercise, I think that I broke one of my toes earlier. I apparently developed this problem earlier where I could not walk around without slamming my toes into something. I whacked all 4 smaller toes on my left foot into the Wii Fit board earlier. The second from my left is rather bruised and they hurt like hell still. Super way to start a new year.

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