Sunday, January 3, 2010

Taking Delight in the Little Things

Today I was showering and noticed something different but I couldn't figure out what was making this shower any different from yesterday's. Then it occurred to me, yesterday afternoon I put up a new curtain after my friend broke my blinds and I threw a blanket over the bathroom window temporarily (a month or two because I suck, also it wasn't like some Looney Toons thing or anything like that). This new curtain only covers the bottom half of my window because the top has privacy blurry stuff on it. Why only the top has privacy stuff on the glass is beyond me. I just live here. But for the first time in awhile there was a more substantial amount of natural light coming through the window, making the water seem clearer. There isn't much natural light because we're in the middle of a days long snow storm that seems like it will never end and makes it appear as though the roads never get plowed rather than the rare plowing that they get. I don't know the last time I saw any road out my window and I live on a fairly busy road in this "city". Visibility has not been good at any point in time in the last couple of days. My car, however, is clear because I'm at the right end of the row and it's super windy. It's amusing to look at the line out my (now curtained) bathroom window, the other end has plenty of snow and each car a bit less of the evil stuff as you go down the line.

Anyways, for some reason sunlight (or barely there natural light) and running water have always just given me this all around good feeling. I absolutely love showers on a sunny day with light coming through the window. Oddly enough as I was thinking about this Mini-Geek was heard asking me why I was having a "good shower". He does strange things like that far too often, interrupting my thoughts with things that following them uncomfortable close.

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