Friday, September 11, 2009

Is it swine flu???

I only have the cough left of my sickness, and my chest is starting to hurt from it. Mini-Geek had a very short-lived version that started out with a fever and congestion the other night and by the next day he was far better, but he also has the cough. So yeahhhh, we aren't ruling out swine flu. His doctor's office didn't care to see him so whatever. I mean it has been in my town for quite some time now and with me going to a large school, and working in a department with a lot of people getting it is not improbable.

But hey, we're both still alive!

I'm sick of people reacting to this thing like it's the Bubonic Plague back in the day and we're going to have bodies lining the streets and tons of orphaned and crying children.

I'm lacking severe motivation to do anything, even read stuff in Google Reader. However I realized I haven't eaten all day so getting some food into me has helped a bit.

Maybe I'll go fold laundry or something.

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