Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My BFF died

So I had to make a trip to the Verizon store the other day. My BlackBerry Storm has been having charging issues for a bit now. First the wall charger went. This was sad but I decided to get by until I had time to get to the store with my car charger and the computer cord.

But then the computer cord didn't like to stay connected. And the other morning when I got up for class it was still at 2 out of 5 bars. I charged it in the car and headed to Verizon after Bio. lab. (Where we dissected owl poop and played with skeletons.)

They were pretty empty and I didn't have to wait, I handed over the cords and my beloved phone. And I waited and waited, completely lost without my phone to text or Tweet or anything. After about 252 years the guy came back with bad news. It was my phone. I mean yeah, I only lost my apps and I just have to re-download them, which is a pain in the ass and all but this was my best friend. My trust little buddy. He has entertained me for six months. He has constantly been by my side other than when I am at work where phones are banned outside of the stupid lockerroom due to security stuff and clients and other stuff. He never even had a name. And now he's gone. He's been replaced with this much stiffer-screened refurbished nonsense that has the new version of TwitterBerry where everything is ugly and not nearly as pretty as the older version.

I will hopefully bond with this thing, but he'll never replace the old one. :(

Also, we were in Tim Horton's yesterday and out of nowhere Mini-Geek says to me, "I want to eat these people's brains." People, I can't make this shit up. This kid needs to learn to write so he can start blogging his weird stream of consciousness. Then again, I'm starting to wonder if it'll be beyond our comprehension by then.

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  1. He wants to eat people's brains? I'd be scared to sleep.