Saturday, September 5, 2009

School and Zombie Party!

This whole big school thing is new to me. I've attended other schools and they have all been small. The school I went to in Maine was ridiculously small as far as colleges go. UB, definitely not so much. Bio has about 450 students in it. I haven't ever had a class over 100. I don't know that I have ever had a class with over 50 students in it. I even had a class last year with 2 of us it. Now there are professors who don't know me and probably never will remember my name.

I was all set to go camping this weekend, but things changed. First my friend said he didn't know if he'd be able to head down and hang out, then yesterday I sent a text to another friend who asked if his girlfriend (I'm not facebook friends with her I think) had invited me to her birthday party tonight, that he has been super busy (he recently had a status up saying he worked 170 hours in two weeks). So he sent me an invite and how could I resist, it's a zombie party! So I called my mom telling her that my social meter was red and she said I wasn't a Sim and I explained I was only trying to put it into terms she'd understand. So I'm dropping Mini-Geek off there right around his bedtime to sleep there.

For reasons I don't really understand Mini-Geek never heard the word honk properly and still says "NONK", sorry, random, he was just nonking his nose.

We're now up to "What's in blood?" in the many times per day anatomy lessons. I told him he needs to remember red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets before I start explaining their contents.
He was very upset when I said my Evol. Bio. book was still in my car, we had to run outside and get it so that he could read it and show Belle what her skeleton looks like.

As for my blog post from the other day, I do apologize for it. I am not taking it down though. Things do look a bit better. I think that all involved parties are dealing with a lot right now, probably more outside things that are having an effect on everything as a whole.

Also, I am totally addicted to Jamba Juice. There's one on campus and I swear that they are putting crack into that energy boost (which I always get because I do not have time to sleep).


  1. What school did you go to in Maine? Just curious, as I've been a life-long Mainer.

  2. I went to University of Maine at Machias.