Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I passed out on my couch somewhere between 9 and 9:30 with Socrates in my arms and a discussion post due at midnight that never was made. Oh well, I'll take the one point for a late post today and do some more in the hopes of earning points.

We won't discuss all of the other tasks that I had planned on working on throughout the night for a few more hours. The program that's due tonight at midnight (I have it nearly done this morning. I am getting one error that I cannot figure out but I need a break from it. Of course once that one error gets straightened out there will be like ten more. But it is going all of the way through the program because it gave me errors from the last function (way to forget semi-colons!)), the project that I'm working on, the flow-chart that I finished this morning and the story board to go along with it, my portfolio...working on any of these would have been perfectly acceptable. Tonight I shall. Today I will continue some more soon, but I am supposed to go birthday shopping with my mother later on today since my birthday is Friday.

You know those chocolate sticks from Pizza Hut? Yeah, amazing. If you have an account set up online you get an email for free ones during the month of your birthday. Last night I figured why not, Mini-Geek wanted pizza, I didn't feel like cooking, and I had to order them soon or miss out. Mini-Geek can keep those cupcakes!

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