Sunday, March 29, 2009

Yesterday was one of those horrible days that you wish would hurry up and end because your child is so obnoxious and so tired but won't sleep.

This morning started out that way but has seemed to make a change. I'm hoping it lasts.

I made Rice Krispie Treats because I cannot remember the last time that I had them and the evil store put them marshmallows right by the cereal (just a local little mostly produce and deli place) and they sounded so good. Jerks.

I've now had my BlackBerry Storm for four days. I have already forgotten what life was like pre-BlackBerry when I just had my little LG Venus.

Today is a dark and rainy day, just the way that I like them. The high is 51 and I wouldn't want it much warmer. I have strange weather preferences, I know this. iTunes is all about the Sigur Ros which makes the weather that much prettier.

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