Thursday, March 12, 2009

So I had this nice pretty little post started the other day. And then Vista decided to be Vista and randomly decided that it didn't need to use my wireless Internet anymore and it wasn't going to tell me about this either. I was getting mad at Verizon and my laptop and the entire world until I realized what had happened and by then in my anger I had gotten rid of my post and I haven't had time to re-visit since then.

I desperately need to get Ubuntu on this thing so that I don't have to go into Vista unless I want to. My desktop now has Linux Mint which makes me quite happy. Okay, enough really nerdy talk because I have a feeling that people will be even less likely to read this thing now.

Have you ever been so busy that your life is boring? I'm always on the go but I have nothing exciting happen because it's always the same crap. I mean the "highlight" of the last couple of weeks was when my son peed on the potty (yay!) and then walked into the hallway and pooped on the floor (not so yay). And making my own bread from scratch, that was pretty awesome. No bread maker, no mixer, nothing, just my wooden spoon and hands. There's something about making it yourself that turns it into the best bread you have ever had in your life.

I suppose I should go back to reading all about structs and making some discussion post comapring Neo from The Matrix and Socrates.


  1. I know just what you mean -- about the so busy that I'm boring, not about the poop on the floor. I think I'm going to make up a story about being a teacher by day and a superhero crime fighter by night just so I don't sound so pathetic.

  2. Teaching could really make you a superhero crime fighter on its own at times!

    But business gets old really fast.