Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I quit.

I told Mini-Geek it was bath and then bed time. I was getting ready to wash hair and he gave his usual, "you like me dirty" which I have grown used to, the giggles are gone.

Then I hear, "you like me dirty in bed." I stepped out of the bathroom, shampoo still in his hair. I couldn't handle it.

He's off to bed in a few, it's an Amp and a Mountain Dew Slurpee (I love living right by 7 Eleven!) to keep me up for awhile so I can code more. This morning was quite productive and aside from that some new awesomeness may happen but I don't want to write about it and curse myself so let's just see.

I hate how the nice little to-do list on my computer won't stop growing. I mark something as complete and then I add three more things. I do highly recommend Rainlendar though if you need calendars and to-do lists to help keep you on track. It's skinnable too.

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