Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Today we found Wall-E underwear. Mini-Geek, as he will by known from now on, is obsessed with Wall-E. He has a Wall-E hoodie and the very idea of laundering said hoodie results in tears if not a full-on tantrum. At least he wears another shirt under it? When it sits in the hamper waiting for me to bother doing a load of laundry I hear "Is Wall-E shirt all clean?" about 600 times a day and when I say no I hear "I like it dirty!!!" He has Wall-E curtains and random non-Pixar colorful robots adorning his walls, and a Wall-E light. I do believe I mentioned Interaction Wall-E previously. Wall-E stuff is not nearly as prevalent as Cars. My bank account is pleased. The underwear were packaged in with other Pixar ones but I was hoping his Wall-E adoration would encourage some potty training. I also let him pick out a package of boxers thinking maybe he has already developed a preference and doesn't know it and maybe if he wears them he'll like it. Hey, I'm desperate here. I want to be able to use my diapers if baby #2 ever happens. Granted around $400 for over two years now is nothing to complain about, I mean he's worn disposables in there too but had he not worn cloth I would have spent far more. There's also the year before that, about six months of that year he wore old school cloth diapers with pins and rubber pants when we were home since they were too much to deal with out (I have no issues with his current diapers and leaving the house though.).

He wanted me to open the package right away.
Good sign?
I told him we need to take care of our purchases first and asked him to take the toilet paper to the bathroom please, figuring it'd be dropped in the hallway.

I made him sit on the toilet before he put them on, "I'm not wearing them backwards!" because he previously wore underwear backwards on occasion to see the picture on the butt. I didn't care, he was wearing underwear. I asked him every twenty seconds or so if he had to use the potty after that.

And he pooped in them.

I was not pleased.

Then later I realized that the toilet paper was not dropped off in the middle of the bathroom doorway and I wondered what my dear sweet boy could have done with it.

All was forgotten because I had to go meet with someone and we left the house.

I just used the bathroom and discovered that he had placed it on the floor right next to the toilet, underneath the holder.

I forgot about the rest of the day after taking pride in the logic he used. My baby is growing up into a smart little boy.

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  1. where did you find the walle underwear. I also have a three year old that loves walle. We are attempting potty training. I hoped that walle underwear would help. Thanks