Tuesday, March 31, 2009

School Post

Applications are finally in for my schools for the fall. (I know, I'm a huge slacker.) Unless I find a super-awesome job between now and then (haha and I am realistic enough to know that I won't) then I will be a computer science major rather than digital media in the web developer career track. There's really only one school that is realistically close enough for me to attend and I do not like the price tag or the idea of taking religious classes. I take enough non-major crap, I don't need to take more, I just want a degree and then a job. I am a busy person, time is important.

Honestly that is fine by me. I want to emphasis the programming aspect anyways.

For philosophy (pointless B.S. class....) I can write an optional 10-page research paper on anything that I want. You know, just to pass all of that extra time that I have. So I am choosing to write one on raising children in such a technology-based society. I will look at "BlackBerry Moms", Baby Einstein and the recent studies that it is counter-productive, Edubutu, the laptop programs for children and everything else I can think of.

I may be rather geeky but Mini-Geek has been raised without all of the toy crap out there as much as I can. I won't say that family members don't buy him flashy electronic toys, but for the most part I try and pick out educational things. I don't substitute electronic story-telling toys for mommy's lab and a book. I buy wood over plastic. If the toy does something for him over him doing it himself then I don't buy it. We don't have cable or dish, which I may have mentioned. I despise television. The Internet will give me news faster anyways. (I may secretly like Yo Gabba Gabba a tiny bit though. Come on, 8-bit graphics! And monsters!) I tried to avoid the Disney trap, that was more my mom's doing. I owned Finding Nemo, once upon a time I was a marine biology major, a homesick marine biology major. It makes sense. Heck, if I didn't have Mini-Geek I probably would have gone back for marine biology and never discovered the fun of coding. She put it in, then she got her hands on Cars and it was all over. Pixar mania began.

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