Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Rundown

I'm another busy mama out there, nameless and faceless, indistinguishable from any other stressed out or peaceful child-toting woman out there.

I tend to bite off more than I can chew and figure it's all okay, I work better under pressure. Until one more thing gets thrown into the mix and then there is all too much there.
Take the last week, thrown into our mix was the flu. Both my three year old and I had it, six days of what I deemed "The Worse Flu Ever." Well now I've missed 2 and a half days of work (yay for 4 day work weeks at least!) and am so far behind on school work and I missed some school responsibilities as well. And now I am overwhelmed and not wanting to do the homework that is waiting for me. Programming makes little sense to my exhausted brain right now. Searching for my two products to learn how to make an online shopping cart system seems daunting (Try Google image searching for "fish sippy cup" and see how many useful hits you get!). I think I need to brush my resume and write a cover letter for my portfolio class in the very near future. And probably make some random stuff with Flash. And let's not get into good old Socrates.

Quite frankly I would love to just sit down and get Ubuntu on both my new desktop and laptop. I'm using Vista and the security pop-ups are irritating. Then with the included McAfee stuff on this laptop and all of its pop-ups I just want to scream. These are productivity inhibitors.

So yeah, if you didn't pick up on it, I'm a busy and geeky mama. Full-time job, full-time student, part-time work at school, full-time single mama in a decent-sized 2 bedroom apartment full of Cars "stuff" and one Interaction Wall-E that must stay off for reasons that I don't comprehend that Daddy thought was a necessity. Maybe it was, Eve looks kind of like a tempting purchase now. And I am so over Cars and definitely prefer Wall-E.

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