Monday, March 23, 2009

Too much time at the computer lately

I have reached a new level of geekdom.
I dreamed in code the other night. Not even anything in particular. The street signs and my IMs had HTML tags, I remember seeing the telltale question mark and greater than/less than symbols designating PHP and I think I remember something resembling the structs we are currently doing in C++.

And if that isn't enough, I also downloaded some PHP tutorial podcasts and put them on my iPod for work last night.

Oh and even a tiny bit more, the program we use at work has us hit F12 to zoom. Due to the amount of Flash and Photoshop time I have had lately I couldn't figure out why it wouldn't zoom when I was hitting Ctrl+. Like I did a few times before I realized that I am a moron.

Mini-Geek thinks the word "soaking" is actually "smoking" so he was "smoking wet" when he woke up the other morning at my mom's. She tried to correct him but he argued and asked her if she was "smoking hot."

They made cupcakes last night and my mom asked if I could have one. He told her no, they make mommy sick.
He's clearly looking out for my thighs and my "fat belly."

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